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How to Register or Re-Register to Vote or Change Your Voter Card Information

If you have changed your Name or Address or want to change your Party Affiliation, you must Re-Register to vote. Follow the registration procedures below.

There are several ways to Register to Vote in Arizona or change your Voter Registration Information including your Party Affiliation. You need to Re-Register to change any information so choose one of the options below.

If you have a valid AZ Drivers License or ID Card

You can go online to Service Arizona and use their EZ Voter process to fill out registration information and use your digital signature that is filed at the DMV so you do not need any other identification. (click here for this option)

If you DO NOT have an AZ Drivers License

You will need to fill out an AZ Registration Form and attach a copy of a document proving you are a citizen. Details are on the back of the form. You can email the form, mail it or take it to one of several locations (click here for this option)

To Register to Vote using the Federal Elections Form

You can register online using the Federal form which Does Not require Proof of Citizenship to Register to Vote. (click here for this option)

About Registering to Vote

Your Vote Counts!
All about registering to vote, identification needed, changing your address, party affiliation, how to vote and more. Read our comprehensive Guide to Voting Brochure, english and spanish. (read/print)

NOTE: On January 18, 2014 - EAC Ruling: The National Registration Mail-in Form must be accepted in Arizona and Kansas without Proof of a Citizenship Document. To see a press release and a couple of links for more information . . (click here)

The Great Voter Challenge

"Less than fifty percent of Arizona voters actually vote and that's frightening," stated Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the inspiration for O'Connor House. "I hope that we can encourage everyone who is registered to vote to vote. It's so important and Arizona can do better on that score."