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Running and Winning

The Chairperson for 2019-2020 is Phylis Carnahan and April Lewis. For contact information use the League Directory or call the League office at 520-327-7652.

THE 2019 EVENT TO BE HELD THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th AT FLOWING WELLS HIGH SCHOOL. (View Program)...(View Bios of Elected Women and Candidates)

Running and Winning is a non-partisan, one day, interactive workshop for junior and senior high school girls who exhibit leadership skills. It is coordinated and presented in the Tucson area by the League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson (LWVGT) with current co-sponsors, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) of Tucson & Casas Adobes branches and the Tucson YWCA.

The short-term goals of the program are to expand young women's understanding and appreciation of public service and encourage their leadership in current and future endeavors. The long-term goal is to increase the number of women running for office. Currently, women comprise 51% of the population but only 20% of Congressional Representatives and Senators are women.

Each year, we are pleased to have women from Tucson, Pima County and Arizona who have or currently serve as elected officials at all levels of government to share their time and experiences with the young women participating in the workshop.

In small groups, the students are engaged in activities throughout the day:

  • Interview the elected officials about their personal campaign and in-office duties and experiences.
  • Based on fact sheets provided, select and discuss an issue (i.e. health care, the environment, minimum wage) and reach agreement on their opinions.
  • Divide campaign responsibilities.
  • Select a young women in their group to serve in the role of candidate, campaign manager, publicity design, etc.
  • Formulate a campaign platform and strategy.
  • Develop campaign materials.
  • Create a campaign speech.
  • Present their campaign before the entire group of attendees.
  • Listen and evaluate each of the group campaigns.
  • Participate in a mock election and vote for the best campaign idea, presentation and candidate.
  • "Official" swearing in of the winning candidate.
  • Evaluate the day's activities and receive certificates of participation.

Running and Winning was developed by the League of Women Voters Education Fund and made interactive by the League of Women Voters of Camden County, New Jersey (LWVCC).

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